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Insurance Investigations

What can a Texas private investigator do for you? If you are in the insurance industry, you already know of the enormous problems with insurance fraud. Rather than listing the many services that we provide (refer to our Investigative Services page) we have elected to show you what we can do.

Here are a few brief clips from surveillance video that we have obtained for some of our clients.

The Maytag Man? Or is it Superman? We think this claimant forgot about this alleged back injury! Maybe this is a FRAUDULENT CLAIM.
Maytag Man

"Just a little bit more and I can do the splits!" Now, is that a man with an injured back or is he trying to impress the circus officials?
Mr. Acrobat

Driving While Injured? This claimant alleges that he cannot drive a vehicle due to his head injury that he sustained while working. Take a LOOK! By the way, this took place at his psychiatrist's office.

"Who needs a weed eater, when I was a kid we never had such a thing!" This claimant's left shoulder must have recovered from the injury that he alleges. Wow!
Yard Man

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